Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Conservative Writer Arrested at UConn While Delivering Speech: "It is Okay to Be White"

Far left student activists at the University of Connecticut were screaming throughout a talk titled, "It is Okay to Be White," that was partially delivered by Lucian Wintrich, D.C. Bureau Chief & White House Correspondent for The Gateway Pundit.

According to Gateway, they chanted, “Go home Nazis!”

They screamed and called him a racist.

Then he drank a glass of white milk, that triggered them further and they
became more aggressive and stole the hard copy of his speech:
 Here’s another angle. You can clearly see the lefty stealing Lucian’s speech off the podium:

Stephanie Reitz, a UConn spokeswoman, confirmed that Wintrich was held by campus police and charged:.Well... maybe this made it all worth it... here is my actual mug shot from tonight:
He was charged with second-degree breach of peace.

The spokeswoman also confirmed that the female who stole the hard copy of Wintrich's speech was not charged.

According to the Chicago Tribune, windows in the area were shattered and UConn police were investigating a smoke bomb that was set off in the building outside the lecture hall.

Approximately 100 students waited outside for Wintrich to be brought out by police. Instead, he was brought out through the back of the hall and placed into a police cruiser, with many students chased after it, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The UConn College Republicans sponsored the event, and the group’s Facebook page said that Wintrich would “discuss identity politics, liberal victimhood, anti-conservative bias and other hot-button issues.”

The College Republicans said Wintrich’s appearance was not organized for or by white supremacists and invited the public to attend and voice their concerns directly.



  1. Yes, he's just another member of the "extreme right".

    Since Wintrich had been named the site's first White House correspondent, he had struggled with the newness of Washington. Gay and nominally Jewish, he felt more at home in New York, where he had worked as a "creative" at a prominent ad agency and a club promoter. He dated a creative-writing student and model from Colombia and took filter-heavy pictures of scantily clad teen boys.

    Despite his political transitions, Wintrich considers himself a gay advocate. "Parents of gay people in very conservative states have reached out to me and said how they were disgusted by their gay child until [they] started reading [my] work and have had a change of heart," he said.

    “I believe in small government. I believe in more individual and fiscal freedom for Americans. I think Trump will deliver that to us. And if he doesn't, I'll write about it. And if he does, I'll write about it."

    Wintrich's father is Jewish. The Nazis killed much of his dad's family, but his grandfather, a leader in the Polish resistance who once swam across a freezing lake to save a woman in need, made it out and wrote a book.

    1. "...White House..."
      Gotta repaint that thing.

  2. No one knows what it's like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes…
    Pete Townshend

  3. Whites attacking whites for saying it's OK to be white.

  4. Do we know what it was he said, or tried to say?

  5. It is laughable that these people call those that are not ashamed of being “white” Nazi and racists. I don’t think they even understand what the Nazi’s were and racists are. These are terms they use to establish in their minds that those they call these names are so bad that they have lost their human rights and are open to be aggressed against. Isn’t that what the Nazi’s did and racists do?

  6. It is pretty funny that Wintrich drank a glass of milk. Just not sure that this provocation is the best persuasion. Makes me wonder what these “protesters” do when they see those Geico Insurance commercials where the scene becomes progressively more white. They must have a conniption.

  7. I think I have this figured out. These people are drowning.

    We need to make sense of experiences. Ideas and theories give us the ability to respond and be responsible. But when concepts are believed to be absolute truth they become icons placing them outside our cognitive abilities. If we then experience something that is contrary to or is not explained by our beliefs we find it difficult to respond. Rather than blaming ourselves for not having a response, we shift the responsibility to the absolute truth rendering us helpless victims. At this point anything goes, there is no certainty, and everything is relative. Is this not what is referred to as postmodernism?

    If I liken human existence to being in an ocean of experiences these people are now drowning. They are grasping for anything that seems solid. Rather than learning to navigate through this ocean of ideas they isolate themselves on ideological islands. Because of the lack of advocating and training for critical rationality what seems solid to them is NOT rational argument but acts of aggression.

    Surfs up.