Sunday, November 19, 2017

College Calls Police On Student Who Said ‘Tranny’ On Radio

This is social justice warrior insane.

Daily Caller sets the scene:
A university called the police on a student who
used the word “tranny” on radio, kicking him and his co-host out of the studio, according to a Friday video.

The unnamed manager of the student radio station at University of Minnesota-Morris told the student co-hosts to leave the station, asserting that they had violated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) policy, but the university has since changed its stated reasoning behind the students’ suspension, reported The College Fix.

“You know, you can definitely, you see one tranny that’s trying to punch someone,” Brandon Albrecht, a UMM student, said on-air. “You know it’s automatically that one guy that you know I’m talking about. I bet you know. I’m not going to dox anybody and name them on air. But you two know if I say the tranny who looks like he’s going to punch someone. Yep.”

Albrecht used the term while discussing the lack of Antifa violence at his school with co-host Taylor Lehmann on their radio program “Deplorable Radio.”

Albrecht asserted that the station manager came approximately 15 minutes later with a police officer to kick them off air, while speaking with The College Fix.

“Hey guys, I’m just going to have you leave,” said the station manager. “You said a couple words that break FCC violations and so for today I am going to have you stop your show….Specifically tranny. That is a hate slur, it is not allowed on radio. I need you to leave.”

When asked if she had to call the police, the station manager said “it’s a violation, you are breaking the law. I just need to enter a report.”

One week later, Albrecht said that he and co-host Lehmann “were permanently suspended from the radio by executive decision.” Albrecht told The College Fix that the board told the co-hosts that they had, in fact, not broken FCC rules by saying “tranny,” but said they had received complaints that the two students were intoxicated while broadcasting during an earlier show. Albrecht denied this allegation.

“The officials are wrong,” said Bob Corn-Revere, a media and First Amendment lawyer, to The College Fix. “Neither [saying ‘tranny’ nor drunk broadcasting] is a violation of FCC rules.”
Here's video:


Maybe instead of launching wacko social justice warrior snowflake police attacks, the station manager should spend time studying exactly what the FCC considers non-protected speech. The FCC is pretty oppressive but nowhere near as oppressive as this station manager.

Albrecht and the other co-hosts have been asked to resign but they won't do so and said that they want to make the executive board vote on the issue. Good for them.

“It is a shame that our freedom of speech is being curtailed today in the very place it should be most free, on college campuses,” Albrecht told The College Fix.

A quick note here.

I don't hold the view that there is some kind of right to "free of speech."  Specifically, in a PPS there would be no such thing as a "right" to free speech. The type of speech allowed on a private property would be determined by the property owner and it may not be anywhere close to free speech.

However, University of Minnesota-Morris is a government property and I consider government property to be wide open territory for any and all non-aggressive behavior. Thus an individual is justified in going after limitations placed on him on public property using any tools the state provides him, including "freedom of speech" claims. which would not exist in a PPS.


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