Monday, November 20, 2017

Bill Clinton Facing NEW Accusations of Sexual Assault by Four Women; Flying on Private Jet Nicknamed Air F**k One

Ed Klein, former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine, reports:
Bill Clinton is facing explosive new charges of sexual assault from four women, according to highly placed Democratic Party sources and an official who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.
The current accusations against the 71-year-old former president — whose past is littered with charges of sexual misconduct — stem from the period after he left the White House in 2001, say the sources.
Attorneys representing the women, who are coordinating their efforts, have notified Clinton they are
preparing to file four separate lawsuits against him. 
As part of the ongoing negotiations, the attorneys for the women are asking for substantial payouts in return for their clients' silence. 
A member of Clinton's legal team has confirmed the existence of the new allegations...
Hillary Clinton allegedly offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the new accusers, but Clinton's legal team advised against it, sources said

'Bill is distraught at the thought of having to testify and defend himself against sex charges again,' said a Democratic Party official who is familiar with the case.
'He hopes his legal team can somehow stop the women from filing charges and drag him through the mud.'...
The negotiations in the new lawsuits are said to have reached a critical stage. 
If they fail, according to sources in Clinton's inner circle, the four women are said to be ready to air their accusations of sexual assault at a press conference...
The unidentified women were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization and in their late teens at the time of the alleged assaults.


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