Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Alex Jones Publishes Video of Rep. Joe Barton Masturbating

Alex Jones published earlier today a video of  Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) masturbating.

He obtained the video from Twitter conservative activist Laura Loomer.

“People are asking me why I gave exclusive video footage of [ Barton], a Republican, to [Alex Jones]. I’d be a hypocrite to report on Democrats who get caught up in sex scandals and not do the same for Republicans,” Loomer said in a Tweet.

Alex has since taken the video down.

RW comment: Welcome to the year 2017. No further comment.


US Capitol Police are opening an investigation into the Joe Barton revenge porn posts.


It is getting crazier.

The Washington Post has heard a recording:

The woman spoke to The Post after the lewd photo was published Tuesday by an anonymous Twitter account. She shared a secretly recorded phone conversation she had with Barton in 2015 in which he warned her against using the explicit materials “in a way that would negatively affect my career.”

The woman described encounters and contact spanning a five-year period that began online after she posted a message on Barton’s Facebook page in 2011, leading to the sexually explicit exchanges and ultimately a pair of physical sexual encounters in Washington and Texas. Over time, she said, she became aware of and corresponded with multiple other women who engaged in relationships with Barton, who represents a suburban Dallas district and is one of the most senior Republicans in the House.

The woman, who is not married, spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her privacy.

In the 2015 phone call, Barton confronted the woman over her communications with the other women, including her decision to share explicit materials he had sent. In that context, he mentioned the Capitol Police, a comment the woman interpreted as an attempt to intimidate her.

“I want your word that this ends,” he said, according to the recording, adding: “I will be completely straight with you. I am ready if I have to, I don’t want to, but I should take all this crap to the Capitol Hill Police and have them launch an investigation. And if I do that, that hurts me potentially big time.”

“Why would you even say that to me?” the woman responded. “The Capitol Hill police? And what would you tell them, sir?”

Said Barton: “I would tell them that I had a three-year undercover relationship with you over the Internet that was heavily sexual and that I had met you twice while married and had sex with you on two different occasions and that I exchanged inappropriate photographs and videos with you that I wouldn’t like to be seen made public, that you still apparently had all of those and were in position to use them in a way that would negatively affect my career. That’s the truth.”

In a statement late Wednesday, Barton said a transcript of the recording provided by The Post may be “evidence” of a “potential crime against me.”


  1. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of TMI. Somehow I think it will get even worse next year.

  2. I am not understanding how this is a scandal save that he did this prior to final divorce. This seems to me much like celebrity pics that people have hacked from cell phones, i.e., stolen. Am I supposed to be shocked that an old dude gets horny and that he shouldn't get that way? Or that, horor of horrors, he had camsex with a consenting adult?

    1. I'm with you. The best sex is nasty sex, and it should be PRIVATE. Where the heck are those holy roller's kids supposed to have come from? The freekin' STORK?
      Until it crosses the line into Rape-land, it's none of my business.

    2. From what I read, this guy was in a consensual relationship with this woman and she released these photos as revenge on him. It was not harassment on his part, but the media is running with it hard anyway.

      Where this will go with all these revelations dropping daily is probably not in the right direction politically. It's enjoyable to see some of these scumbag liberals get caught looking like the hypocrites they are, but don't be surprised if the leadership positions in government, corporations, and universities get taken over by socialist and center left women. If you fear Big Brother, get ready for Big Sister because it will be much worse, especially when it comes to free speech. This country started as a male dominated Puritan society and it's headed towards a secular female dominated Puritan society.

  3. Not really something I would want to see.

  4. The hubris of the ruling class yields unending entertainment.