Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Would World Government Be Potentially Desirable?

The radical left secessionists of Catalonia.
At the post, Do Catalonians Have the Right to Secede?, Evan Smiley asks:
 [W]ould world government be potentially desirable since it could eliminate your North Koreas, Venezuelas, Cubas, etc?
As I have tried to point out in various posts, the ramifications of
unifications and secessions may be different for different groups.

Certainly a world government would result in more oppressive government in most parts of the world given that most people do not understand the value of free markets and liberty. It would almost certainly lead to more oppressive rule in the United States.

However, given the horrific regimes in control in North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba, it is entirely possible that conditions might be better for people in those countries under a world government.

That said, this confuses the issue when we are considering the Catalonian secession issue.

The question is not: Is bigger government always better? The question is: Under which conditions will Catalonians experience the most freedom? All indications are that it would be as a part of Spain, under current circumstances. I remain open to support Catalonian secession if it could be proved to me that secession would lead to more freedom for Catalonians. However, given the radical leftists leanings of those leading the secessionist movement in Catalonia, the "more freedom under secession" case strikes me as a very difficult one to make.



  1. well some figures have 8 to 11 and half billion Euros going to Madrid there might be a reason enough right there.

    1. Yeah lets not open that can of worms where the productive contributors to a state support those that arent pulling their weight.

      Sick and tired of being taxed to death to support others

  2. What about time frame, Robert? Low or high time preference? What if secession by Catalonia led to a socialist regime with a lower freedom rating than the current rating for individuals in Catalonia? But by enduring more "pain" now in the short term (3-6 years) the result would be and could be a future replacement of civil government leading to more individual freedom in Catalonia than there is currently under the central government of Spain? And more freedom than can be acquired by staying under the central government of Spain. How would you evaluate the secession currently being presented? By before and after polling? There is no interpersonal comparison of subjective utility, is there?

  3. "It would almost certainly lead to more oppressive rule in the United States."

    Not almost certainly. It has. The US government supports the UN which is paid for by oppressive taxes on us taxpayers.

  4. So your burden of proof is on the secessionists and not the current power structure? I think that is a logical basis. However, I defer to the people on the ground in the subject area and would require the people that want to remain in control to bear that burden of proof.