Sunday, October 1, 2017

VIDEO Clashes in Catalonian on Day of Separatist Referendum Vote



  1. This is really ugly, I honestly hope that a peaceful separation will happen. However the other extreme is that Spain plunges into a second civil war. Also look how coproaches in Europe act just like the blue thugs here at home. They however are using the excuse of "Defending democracy and unity" as opposed to yelling "stop resisting, he/she has a gun/drugs, etc"

  2. The forceful putting down of a secession vote exposes the lie that is democracy, namely, that it is government "by consent" based on a "social contract," since by definition the secessionists are withdrawing their consent and revoking the contract. No doubt Honest Abe has been an inspiration to all democratic governments worldwide which wish to give democracy to their constituents good and hard.