Tuesday, October 3, 2017

USC Professor Falsely Reported Active Shooter and is Detained

Reports of a shooting at USC Monday afternoon were the result of a faculty member having a “breakdown” in Fertitta Hall and yelling about an active shooter, which “caused everybody to panic,” reports The Mercury News.

According to students, Amy Granados, an adjunct professor of management and organization, had seemed agitated from the beginning of her class on Monday.

“She was for some reason worried that people were in [Las] Vegas and may have been injured and whenever someone would come in she would be relieved that they were okay because they had come to class,” Christopher Rawlings, a sophomore, said, according to the Daily Trojan.

About five minutes into class, according to freshman Brandon Kaufman, the instructor said she heard gunshots and ordered the students
in the class to barricade the door.

“Eventually she ran out of the room and there was a police officer that came at one point and she was like, ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot,’” Kaufman said. “She eventually left the room running out, [saying] ‘help, help, help.’"

The police have detained Granados  to determine her mental health status, according to the Los Angeles police department/

According to USC, Granados received a BA in Communication and Psychology from USC in 2005.

As a doctoral student, her work focuses on gender imbalance across media.



  1. Her gender ain't all that's imbalanced. Communication and Psychology: wow, she's two for two.

  2. Somewhere there is a snowflake saying "this is Trump's fault".