Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tucker Carlson Breaksdown the Podesta Group and Its Relation to Paul Manafort

This might be Tucker Carlson's best reporting ever.




  1. This is very interesting. Trump could have stopped this investigation, no?

    Moreover, Trump doesn't looked to be touched by this investigation...so far. If he remains untouched when Mueller is done, would it be wild to think that Trump was happily assenting?

    My first thought after the video:
    Is this how he is draining the swamp?

    Perhaps I am being too charitable.

    1. I keep thinking back to the Obama birther movement and the way that many Democrats seemed to almost welcome the accusations because of the way they discredited the opposition to Obama generally.

      The whole Russia controversy is similarly such a weak reed and so irrelevant to the Trump agenda that maybe he’s privately OK with the investigation because it drowns out the many valid and relevant criticisms of his actual awful policies.

  2. Indeed it does drown them out. Getting people to focus away from the nonsense and the trivial is just about impossible. Nobody seems to care about anything but the game that is their team vs the other team.

    The birther movement worked well too. People jumping to conclusions because of some documentation issues and Obama being what he needed to be for his best benefit at any given time in his life. So that consumed all the air and the agenda moved forward.

  3. The fact that Mueller charged Manafort but not Podesta tells you everything you need to know about Mueller's investigation.

  4. It would be interesting to get a few drinks in the likes of Manafort and Podesta and have them tell how their world works. I am assuming that what they have been up to is nothing new. These guys are the big time cronies which must cause for a unique world view.

    Mueller and the Feds don't care about Manafort's activities other than how it connects Trump to Russia. Mueller has his his snipers out and Manafort ended up in the cross-hairs.