Friday, October 20, 2017

Tom Woods on Gary North

Tom Woods comments at the post, Dear Libertarian Parents, Please Stop Acting Like Snowflakes:
Bob Wenzel is right about Gary North. If you take his U.S. history course, you will know more than
nearly anyone with a bachelor's degree in the subject. If my kids were so shortsighted that they complained to me that there weren't enough laser guns and dancing girls in his videos, I'd sit them down and have a serious talk about what it means to transition to adulthood, and how to appreciate amazing gifts and opportunities.
Tom is, of course, correct. Gary North is a treasure to the libertarian and Austrian school movement. And Tom is a Harvard grad, so he knows a little bit about what is taught in history courses at the bachelor's level.

There is nothing close in the home school movement that provides the education that the Ron Paul Curriculum does.

Tom and North are two very bright and exceptional scholars. On top of that they are the best in the libertarian movement when it comes to communication and marketing.

None of us can wait for the next Mises, Hayek or Rothbard to come along. I would venture to guess that the next one might very well come out of RPC. The foundation for great success is provided there like nowhere else.



  1. I have never seen anything of the RPC but I have watched a few Gary North videos and read numerous articles. That in mind, ever consider that you all are just used to his style? It's a rather acquired taste.

  2. I'm a little old for RPC, but I'm enrolled in Tom's Liberty Classroom (since day one) and it's phenomenal. I lost a year due to traveling and low bandwidth, but I'm re-starting while I'm here in the States. Gary North is a grumpy old man which I think makes him even a BETTER teacher. Sometimes we need to be pushed.

    1. Anyone teacher who takes the time to criticize his student's work cares about the student's progress.

      It's much easier to give a "A" than to work with the student to submit quality work.

      If he's grumpy, he cares...about his students and his reputation as a teacher to squeeze out quality from his students.

  3. I've been keeping an eye on the Ron Paul Curriculum with the idea that our family would use it for history, government, econ, business, and western civ. courses in a couple years. To that end, I've watched the sample lessons, have been working through Tom Woods' Western Civ. classes, and have also taken the time to look at many student blogs. The quantity of writing the students are doing, coupled with the breadth of topics and focus on Austrian Econ and libertarian principles, is impressive. I've always enjoyed watching/reading/listening to Dr. North and Dr. Woods' presentations and find their self-discipline and productivity to be admirable (habits I want my kids to develop). If students are complaining about some wording choices in an assignment they're just being trivial. If they disagree about something substantive why don't they use their weekly essay to lay out their evidence and reasoning? People complaining about the web site design seem to be missing the point of the offering entirely.