Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Race Question, the Wealth of Nations and Ethno-Nationalism

As I report at, Marc Faber is quickly losing most of his financial affiliations after writing in his newsletter:
And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority.
Faber went on to write:

 [The Confederate monuments] statues of honourable people whose only crime was to defend what all societies had done for more than 5,000 years: keep a part of the population enslaved.
In summary, Faber has a sympathetic ear for Confederate soldiers but a not so sympathetic ear for blacks. Sympathy for a culture of a time but a view that black culture will last forever.

It is true that there are more brutal totalitarian regimes in Africa, but it is a giant step missing many logical steps to link those brutal regimes to the skin color of the inhabitants of the region.

A case can be advanced that the African continent is filled with valuable minerals which makes it easy for brutal dictators to operate in (You enslave the people and sell the minerals on the global market).

In regions lacking valuable minerals, Switzerland and Hong Kong, for example, leaders need to allow freedom to create wealth--it is not going to come out of the ground.

Further, it is not as though white nations haven't had their share of tyrants. See Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union, for example.

Thus, Faber's comments appear on as shaky of a ground as his financial forecasts.

To be sure, more study needs to be done on the topic but it is a dangerous topic to venture into if your conclusions don't turn out politically correct,

As things stand now, commenter Evan Smiley at the EPJ post, Oh Boy, Forecaster Marc Faber: If the US " had been settled by black people instead of whites."; Sprott to Fire Him, has the best take:
The primary reason why "white" culture has become so successful is that it managed, around the Enlightenment, to finally reject the tribalist superstitions that had plagued mankind for most of its existence, and to embrace property rights, the rule of law, and methodological individualism. It's unbelievably tragic that so many want to throw that away and revert to modern-day tribalism in the form of ethno-nationalism.


  1. So Wenzel, which African country will these critics be moving to? Or which American run black city like Detroit, Camden, or Birmingham? Come on now, don't be a 'da rasis' people.

    Africans produced nothing of note over the last few hundred years. I can't think any inventions or political philosophy worthwhile from Africa. Why is that?

    1. Agree. Wenzel sounds every day more like Hillary and Bernie than like a AnCap.

    2. Re: The Lab Manager,

      --- So Wenzel, which African country will these critics be moving to? ---

      I'm glad you haven't lost your penchant for making spurious arguments and non sequiturs, TLM.

      --- I can't think any inventions or political philosophy worthwhile from Africa. Why is that? ---

      Huh... Could it be brain damage? I don't know why you can't think of things. Go and see a neurologist.

    3. @Austro-AnCap

      When the left is in power, libertarians hit the left.
      When the right is in power, they hit the right.

      Always keep hitting the state.

    4. So Torres, which African country would you like to live in run by blacks? As usual, you show your stupidity of how worthless most other cultures are and that is why that garbage should not be imported into any European country or America.

    5. @Evan Smiley
      The right is in power.

  2. I rather enjoy when idiots out themselves, much easier to not waste time with them. I totally expect Faber to find a new home at one of the many altrighter media outlets.

  3. Faber, like so many others, have been predicting eventual 'doom' for the fiat economies of the world. They are right. The fiat currencies will fail. They are all astounded that the fiat has held up for such a long, long time. Knowing how PC our world is these days, Faber should have known to keep his trap shut. Perhaps he had too many Thai cocktails the night he penned the nonsense.

  4. My deep thought for the day....

    Reasons to attack and crush laissez faire:

    A. There will be uncontrolled mixing of the races, unregulated immigration pushing wage rates to zero, with western civilization destroyed and overrun in the process by the barbarian hordes; (alt-righties, Keynes, blogger "Lord Keynes")


    B. White people will lock themselves into racial enclaves perpetuating the horrors of European civilization and white privilege while the minorities slave, toil and starve on the outside. ("Progressives").

    At least our enemies agree that we can't have laissez faire.

  5. A factor in comparing the economic development of African countries vs European ones is Africa has far fewer rivers and a shorter (un-jagged) coastline. Water is necessary for transporting goods. The US is river rich as well.

  6. More study needs to be done? Ethno Nationalism is a subject where inquiry is verboten. Just like inquiry into the Holocaust.