Monday, October 2, 2017

"The Catalan Referendum is a classic bait-and-switch operation"

Apropos to my warning about separatist movements, A Libertarian Perspective on Separatist Movements, where I warn that separatist movements are merely the switching of one statist power center for another and that the nature of the new power center must be understood,  Andrew Korybko reports for The Duran in an article titled The Catalan Referendum is a classic bait-and-switch operation by Barcelona:
 Speaking of the EU, the separatists want to integrate with the bloc after their proposed “independence” and even join NATO, which essentially amounts to their elite swapping patrons from Madrid to Brussels. 
Viewed from such an angle, the Catalonian cause appears to be less about “independence” and more about an inter-elite struggle between the people ruling Barcelona and Madrid...

(ht TG)


  1. There is always a government. The question is just over political jurisdiction and who will rule that area.

  2. I thought it was priceless that Catalonia fought so hard for just a different keeper.

  3. This may be the case. Nevertheless, decentralization of power is a plus regardless.