Sunday, October 29, 2017

Roger Stone's Account at Twitter Has Been Suspended...

...after he aggressively attacked via Twitter some CNN news anchors, with most of the focus on Don Lemon.

The tweets came after CNN reported that an indictment from special prosecutor Robert Mueller was imminent.

Stone tweeted that Lemon was "dumber than dogshit" and deserved to be mocked and punished.

It should be noted that under Twitter's code of conduct rules most of the Founding Fathers would have probably ended up banned if Twitter was around back then.

My favorite was when George Clinton, while governor of NY (he also served as a US vice-president), in a scathing anonymous thinly-veiled attack on Alexander Hamilton referred to him in a published essay as "Tom Shit."

But the Founding Fathers were of a lot tougher stock than the snowflakes floating through today's air.

Yes. no doubt Clinton would have gotten himself banned, but it should be remembered that he was a heroically prominent Anti-Federalist and was a major supporter for the addition of the United States Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

From this perspective, Roger is in some very good company.



  1. No doubt some of the "Sensitive Sues" of the world watching the "discussions" going on about individual liberty, economics, politics and "public policy" will cringe. Why? Because Roger used "bad words" and to them that is the higher order offense that "justifies" banning Stone from Twitter. Remember though that it is the cringing dog that gets kicked.

  2. This isn't comparable to the Alien and Sedition Acts. A part of them, the Alien Enemies Act, still remains.

  3. Some interesting history regarding Clinton, and his nephew DeWitt. George and DeWitt seemed opposed to War of 1812 (good), but George wanted to attack Vermont to keep/make it part of NY, and DeWitt believed in government economic development with his famous Clinton's Ditch (Erie Canal). So much to unpack here. I tend to look at Bill of Rights as superfluous, since if Congress (or prez) was not specifically given enumerated power, there was no right that needed protection from them.

  4. How can twitter possibly ban people for obscene language when they openly allow obscene pornographic images? I just don't get that.

    1. And furthermore, "shit" is not obscene, it's just rude.

    2. True! I honestly thing about half of the crazy we see out there is just people not understanding the definitions of the English language.