Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Peter Thiel-Backed Legal Startup Offers $100,000 To Women With Weinstein Claims

Peter Thiel-backed startup Legalist is offering a $100,000 “bounty” to anyone who comes forward with legal claims against Harvey Weinstein, reports Deadline.

The company is extending the financial assistance any woman with what it deems a
“valid sexual harassment claim” against the Weinstein.

According to Deadline, Eva Shang, one of Legalist’s founders, says the company’s motive is genuine interest in the case, not opportunism. She said the company has made some offers in other previous cases that were higher than $100,000. As the Weinstein saga has unfolded, she said, it revealed real needs on the part of those pursuing complaints. “Especially as a female founder,” she told Deadline, “as I read these reports of eight cases of settlements being paid to women, for very modest amounts and without a single case being filed, it seemed like a situation where we could help women get the justice they deserve.”


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  1. If this is really the problem women claim it is, private covenant communities which ban this type of behavior are the obvious solution. Ban guns and wolf whistles. That was easy.

    Any woman who was told to "put out" to get a part and then did obviously has a price.