Saturday, October 7, 2017

OMG Facebook to Partner with Neocons to Fact Check Stories

According to Quartz, Facebook plans to sign with Bill Kristol's neocon magazine Weekly Standard as a fact-checking partner.

 In 2005, notes Quartz, columnist Christopher Hitchens called Iraq “A war to be proud of.”

Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times has called the magazine "the neo-con bible."

In 2007, Richman went on to write:
Unfortunately, the experience of recent years should caution against basing policy on the urgings of neo-conservative journalists, no matter how persuasively they write.
The current debacle in Iraq is what you get when you turn op-ed columns into foreign policy. Does that conclusion strike you as simplified and exaggerated? Maybe so – but that’s journalism.
In September, the magazine said it was hiring a new fact-checker to “sort out fact from fiction,” a job that other industry executives say is connected to the Facebook partnership.


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  1. Well now at least FaceBorg are using Right of Left of Center and not just Left of Left of Center to do their censorship ... I mean fact checking.