Saturday, October 14, 2017

Oh Boy, Here We Go Again: Libertarians for Trump

Target Liberty reader Z emails:
Victory for Libertarians for Trump?

I was not a Libertarian for Trump.

That said, the comment below on your article “A Huge Healthcare Victory For Rand Paul” is making me wonder if maybe they were correct after all.

There is 0 chance Rand could have had this type of positive outcome on healthcare in a Hillary administration.  0.


Libertarians for Trump - just sayin
Dear Z,

Are you serious?

Trump is an
unstable whack job.

He is taunting his counterpart whack job in North Korea. Two whack jobs with large arsenals taunting each other, one step away from a nuclear accident, and you are wondering about a victory for Libertarians for Trump?

Trump is aggressively targeting Iran. He has escalated US military adventures in Afghanistan and Yemen and who the hell knows where else.

And note this from veteran war correspondent Eric Margolis:
President Donald Trump has put the United States on the course for war with Iran.  That was clearly his objective last Friday when he refused to certify the international nuclear accord with Iran and proclaimed heavy sanctions against Tehran’s powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guards Corps...the US heads towards some sort of military conflict with Iran at a time when it may go to war any day with North Korea.  Trump, who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War due to a trivial foot problem, is now clearly thrilled by all his new military toys.  Many of Trump’s close advisors fear Trump will trigger a nuclear war.
Domestically he is promoting a crony tax reform bill that will raise taxes on 30% of the middle class.

He is using his bully pulpit to slam the NFL! Why is he even commenting on a sports league?

He has threatened NBC, the Carrier Corporation, and the auto companies, to name just a few.

He has increased military spending.

The move in the direction of liberty in the healthcare sector is a limited move, there is still much horrific stuff going on in healthcare, and credit for anything positive must be given to Rand Paul.

You would think that libertarians putting their name behind a president would put their name behind a president that was sound on some libertarian principles, not just one who is nudged by a senator on one issue that is a small step in the direction of liberty.

Do those who were Libertarians for Trump have such an inferiority complex about their ability to promote libertarianism that they are still willing to cling to the Libertarians for Trump banner? I hope not.

To be sure, Hillary Clinton wouldn't be good on any issues either but no one would be starting a Libertarians for Hillary or even start thinking about one if she stumbled and made a step in the direction of liberty.

The fact of the matter is that both Hillary and Trump are horrific from a libertarian perspective.

The only difference is that libertarians could provide the populous base with ideas on why Hillary's policies are bad.

Now, that populous base has been captured by Trump in the worst way, with his anti-trade, pro-military, economic ignorant positions. They don't want to hear why Trump's policies are anti-liberty.

With Trump in power, we have lost a valuable hate the state tool.

Your email is just proof of this. Would you be wondering about Libertarians for Hillary if she were president and did one thing right?



  1. Seems like alot of Trumpitarians that still defend him are more or less supporting him because the left hates him. This is the type of thinking that Rockwell once slammed the right on; "They hate the left more than they hate the sate"

  2. The point that no one considers in a macro manner is he is every bit the lieing SOS that Hillary is. Identical in sooo so many ways.

    And just like all presidents he promises the world and follows through on none of it. "Whack job" is being too kind to Idoiocrat in Chief!

    1. @Shegottawideload

      I somewhat disagree. Many of his stated policy views are so bad that it's actually a relief whenever it turns out that he was lying about them.