Saturday, October 7, 2017

Madness in America

For those of you who live in either New York City or San Francisco, there is a new app called Citizen.

The app provides real-time reports of police activity in these two cities (You get to choose which city you want to follow.)

It is really quite remarkable the number of fights, knives pulled, guns pulled, robberies that go on throughout the day in these cities.

From what I understand, you can only get the app functioning if you are physically located in NYC or SF. More cities are on the way, the app firm just got $12 million in Silicon Valley funding (Thank you, Janet Yellen).

The app is a kind of souped-up police blotter but to see reports in real-time, it gives you a sense of the madness that goes on pretty much all the time.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am a former police officer, turned An-Cap. One of my favorite topics is private policing and use of force.

    Seeing the evil (and that's what it is) around us makes it clear that a private police force could be engaged in similar violence as the blue line gang.

    A PPS may make unnecessary much of the violence associated with NAP violating laws, but won't rod is of violence. Evil actions sometimes requires violent reaction.

    This app should reveal that necessity.