Saturday, October 14, 2017

Is the New York Times Falling Into a James O'Keefe Trap?

It looks like it.

 Check this out:




  1. It was clear they honey-trapped the guy and we can't tell for most of what he says if he's lying to the woman or not but O'Keefe and his operatives didn't hide this. In fact by checking out the statement they could check they do more than not hide it, they make it clear that this guy was trying to impress this woman by making things up.

    The NYT response doesn't say anything that's not evident in the video.

    Is it despicable to use what a young low level employee says to impress a girl, if that's what it is? Maybe but it's not a distortion because they don't hide that. It's honest compared to what the NYT did to Walter Block because the viewers of the video can make their own decision about what this guy is saying. Is it BS to impress the girl or is it an indication of culture at the NYT?

  2. I have an inclination to believe it could be the culture...but he was also trying to impress with ridiculousness, anyone can see that.