Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Inside Scoop on the Developing Mueller Squeeze

Here is the scoop from a friend who is in the right place to know things.

This is obvious from anyone following closely but the friend makes clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a bulldog.

As has been reported, Mueller will attempt to get New York state charges brought against Paul Manafort in an attempt to squeeze Manafort. President Trump has no authority to grant pardons in state cases.

But here is the thing that has not been reported yet. Mueller is working with at least one other state beyond New York to put the squeeze on.

Also, Mueller believes he has enough on Jared Kushner that could result in some very serious charges being brought against him.



Although I initially believed that the second state may have involved a person other than Manafort, indications are that Manafort may be the target in this second state also.


  1. I find it interesting and illuminating that no one is worried about Hillary's misconduct and corruption, including: her "mishandling" of classified information; the deletion of thousands of emails that were under subpoena; the deal with Russia/Rosatom on US uranium; subsequent (or concurrent) donations to the Clinton Foundation; and her husband's $500,000 speaking fee - none of which begin to touch the "fixed" outcome of the Democrat primary process and other shenanigans at the DNC.

    1. ....which all seems to show that the deep state is totally in control. There does seem to be some infighting though.

  2. lol there's nothing you stupid assholes can do to stop what is coming

    1. Lol, you are right.

      And if some "right wing" nuts start taking out progressives in the middle of the night, there's nothing you can do either.

      That's IS the kind of country you want, right? Left wing hit squads and right wing hit squads, and see who wins? After all, if you don't want Constitution law and protections for all, that would be the result. Mueller has exceeded the scope of his appointment, and is engaging in illegal searches and seizures absent compelling evidence of a crime. That's similar to a "Bill of Attainer", except that would be from Congress, and this is from an apparently unaccountable prosecutor with an unlimited budget acting under color of authority.

      But, "LOL", there's nothing either of can do to stop what's coming. This is the stuff you dream of. I hope you enjoy the ultimate result. No Constitution, no peace - guaranteed.

  3. FUCK Mueller ant the rest of his ass-clowns!!

  4. Replies
    1. Yup...if a 'true patriot' is a cheating frequent flyer who makes recently 'fired' Dept. of HHS (Price) look like a piker. IF a true patriot gives in to the Muslim Brotherhood and sanitizes training documents to ensure nothing offends Muslims. True patriot if it is ignoring SERIOUS crimes by Democrats and acting like Inspector Javert on Republican matters that are trivial by comparison to Hillary, Loretta Lynch, and even Obama. Just saying...one guy's patriot might actually be an evil traitor.