Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hillary Clinton Leaked Cheating Rumors About Caroline Kennedy

Hillary Clinton  allegedly decided to take “revenge” on JFK’s daughter, Caroline Kenendy, after she refused to back her 2008 campaign for the White House and instead endorsed Barack Obama.

“Bill Clinton was always loyal to the Kennedy’s. They were his role models and heroes,” a Clinton confidant told Avenue Magazine.

“So when Caroline led the family, including Teddy, Maria [Shriver], and the whole crew except Bobby’s older child, Kathleen, in supporting Obama, the Clintons felt betrayed. It hurt. Deeply hurt.”

“And when you betray the Clintons, Sidney [Blumenthal] is like an attack dog who will go after any legitimate target, including the state of an opponent’s marriage. “

The rumors began to
circulate in January 2009, after Hillary was appointed as Obama’s Secretary of State and 59-year-old Caroline launched a campaign to succeed her in the US Senate.

It was denounced as totally false by pals of Caroline and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg.

But Caroline announced that she was bowing out of the Senate race for “personal reasons.”

“That’s how the rough-and-tumble of politics works. Caroline didn’t have the stomach for it,” bragged the Clinton insider, says Avenue Magazine.

Now get this.

According to Radaronline, Caroline is said to now have set her sights on a New York Congressional seat held by a Democrat Nita Lowey if she retires. Hillary and Bill, however, are grooming daughter Chelsea for the same seat.



  1. Remember what happened to her brother, John, Jr when he started talking about running for Moynihan's senate seat before Hilary announced her intention to run for it

  2. Caroline Kennedy was the one who said "you know' 142 times in an interview - and she still hasn't join Toastmasters.

  3. No one who opposes the Clintons is safe, and that includes that person's public reputation.