Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Drama Queen Steve Wynn Pulls Back on His Hotel Luggage Screening

Visitors at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore had bags checked by security upon entry beginning early Monday. Both resorts are managed by casino magnate Steve Wynn.

That worked out well. Wynn, who is buddies with Trump, loves the drama.

When billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who owned many Vegas hotels including MGM,  was alive, he passed through his hotels without any security--despite being much wealthier than Wynn,

Wynn at the same time, in Vegas, traveled through the lobby of his own hotels, and still does, with Israeli bodyguards.

A top MGM exec once told me, on the other hand, that Kerkorian was so unassuming that
MGM security had to have a photo of him passed around to all employees so they would know who he was.

This was prompted when he pulled his car up in front of the MGM Hotel once and a bellman, not knowing who he was, told him he couldn't park there. He quietly got back in his car and drove to a parking area.

As for Wynn's latest drama act, because of a one-off nutjob, the guests apparently aren't too happy about being a part of Wynn drama.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Wynn's hotels returned to the practice of only scanning bags and guests when they "believe the need arises."


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  1. I can just see the DHS hatching plans to roll out the TSA for all hotels, concert halls and convention centers. Which should provide comfort to all of us.