Sunday, October 8, 2017

DRAMA Pence Leaves NFL Game After Some Players Kneel

Vice President Mike Pence has left a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers that he was attending because some players kneeled during the national anthem.

Several 49ers players reportedly kneeled for the anthem just before the start of the game in Indianapolis.

Well, if this is all it takes to get politicians out of our lives, awesome.

Of course, the kneelers are just interventionists of a different stripe.



  1. #triggered

    I hope Pence found his safe space.

  2. Oh what a militarized society we've become. His first noun of concern is "our soldiers"? How can Pence know what each person is "disrespecting" when that person kneels? And, even if he is right, so what if some folks want to "disrespect" those who go overseas to "disrespect" local populations?

  3. You know what he is talking about .. US mercenaries need some respect too for pushing the fascist oligarchy down the throats of heathens that arent interested.

    Hell, not every military can fight for genuine freedom or real patriotic reasons. Should we not acknowledge their efforts to spread terrorism and chaos throughout the world? Oh wait ...

  4. This was a set up from the word go. Pence and Trump had the whole thing planned. Trump “asked” Pence to leave if there were any protest. Most of the players kneeling now during the anthem are holding their hand over their heart anyway (unfortunately).
    Bigger story, the story, is Trump called Dallas owner Jerry Jones at least 4 times that Jones is admitting to “implore” him to force his players to stand.
    And lo and behold, this week Jones said any player who kneels will be benched.
    Wonder what Trump really said to him?
    Instead, a few players raised their fists during the anthem. When Jones was asked about it, he said he didn’t know what that even meant.
    Yeah right.
    I wish Dak Prescot would take a knee. What would Jones do then? His franchise quarterback?
    Trump is a dirty fascist. Protest away.
    Disrespect the murderous Empire that the flag represents now, disrespect the troops who are murdering people in other countries, disrespect cops who are killing unarmed people, and are crapping on the Rights of the individual.
    Disrespect, mock and ridicule politicians who are nothing but thieves.
    Remove consent.