Saturday, October 14, 2017

Catalonian Secession to Create the First Feminist Socialist State?

Anna Gabriel
This is what is being planned for a Catalonian state.

From Global Post:
Spearheading this drive for a free and feminist Catalan state is the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (Popular Unity Candidacy), or CUP — an extreme left, separatist party reviled by Spanish unionists and often viewed wearily by more moderate Catalans. The CUP has seen a meteoric rise to power over the last decade, from grass-roots activism to securing 10 Catalan Parliament seats in 2015. It vows to build a “socialist, feminist and ecologically sustainable Catalan republic.” The face of the party is firebrand Anna Gabriel, who last year publicly denounced the sexist language often leveled at female CUP politicians in a now-famous video.

“My name is Anna Gabriel and I’m a slut, a traitor; I’m bitter and I need to get laid, because
I want a free, socialist and feminist Catalonia,” she can be seen wryly declaring into a microphone, donning her trademark jeans, political T-shirt and hoop earrings....

Though polls released prior to the referendum suggested only 40 percent of Catalans supported independence, the CUP, despite its perceived extremism, has managed to shore up unprecedented support over the years, largely due to Spain’s refusal to negotiate terms for greater Catalan autonomy. Working alongside other secessionist parties, the CUP's habit of discussing Spanish “colonialism” and abuse using the language of gender violence and patriarchal hegemony has also gone mainstream. Sunday’s events are likely to make more people adopt the rhetoric....

In August, the CUP unveiled its final separatist campaign posters featuring an ostensibly working-class Catalan woman sweeping away overwhelmingly male representatives of Spanish power — church, crown and capitalist pursuit — with a broom, accompanied by the text, “Let’s sweep them away.”...

The CUP’s feminism is intrinsically tied to its socialism. “We live in a patriarchal, capitalist system in which the accumulation of capital is at the heart of everything,” said [the CUP’s Clara] Sanchez.. “The goal of feminism is to make life and people’s well-being the center of all policy.”
Do we libertarians really want to support this?



  1. Maybe sequestering all of the socialist idiots into one part of the country and giving them independence could actually help the rest of Spain.

    In a similar sense, if California seceded then the 50 fewer delegates for the democrats might benefit the rest of the United States.

  2. Yes! And add to it the fact that Catalonia may join NATO...

  3. "feminist and sustainable" Good luck with that!

  4. This party ain't all bad: they feel government debt is "illegitimate" and government should be focused at the smaller levels. Plus, they are a grand total of 10/135 in Catalonia parliament. That's like when you correctly criticize ZeroHedge for saying crash is coming because JC Penney shut down.

    Eric Morris

  5. "Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away?"

    "Among the most famous of those witticisms was one (Rev) Dr. (Mather) Byles reportedly delivered on 8 March 1770, during the funeral for the first four victims of the Boston Massacre. Witnesses estimated that several thousand people participated in the processions that day, dwarfing even the ceremony for Christopher Seider. Watching this crowd, Byles is said to have asked a young companion:" (at the top)

  6. She looks likes an "A" cup to me.

  7. I'm ripping up my support for Catalonia card.
    nobody cries freedom and demands a central bank.

  8. Let's call it Cataloonia.