Saturday, October 7, 2017

Carl Bernstein: 'The wheels are coming off the presidency'

Wow, listen to this. Carl Bernstein isn't attacking President Trump with both barrels. It looks like they are close to taking Trump down.

But the intelligence community, who would be operatives behind a takedown, would have to cut a deal with Pence and the generals. They would want to be in charge of the White House, not the generals.

Notice the fascinating take from Bernstein (a career-long CIA operative), that the generals are keeping things stable BUT that the military shouldn't be in charge.

Does Pence come in and General Kelly resigns as chief of staff?



  1. they already are in charge of the white house.

    they have been since 11/22/1963

  2. I think people need to temper wanting Trump to resign or get impeached, because if that happens the country gets Pence. Unlike Trump, Pence (on the surface) is competent and even worse "law and order" type policies would be signed by him. However I think Trump is going to be there to complete his term

  3. "It looks like they are close to taking Trump down." Don't hold your breath. In all likelihood this is just more wishful thinking from the TDS Left.

  4. Bernstein must be living in some alternate universe. In reality, Trump has given the national security/military industrial complex everything it wants and more. As far as Trump's "base", he has let them down in every material way possible. Trust in the MSM is surging? Really?

  5. Nothing on MSM can ever be taken for fact.