Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BREAKING Mass Casualty Attack NYC

This is a developing story return to this post for updates.

Update 1

At least 4 dead,  many injuries.

Update 2

Multiple victims on roadway for several blocks.

Update 3

Man ln custody. Drove down bike path hitting many then started shooting.

Update 4

Downtown near 9-11 World Trade memorial.

Update 5

Attacker in Home Depot rental pickup truck drove down bike path then started shooting.

Update 6


Update 7

At least 6 dead, 15 injured.

Update 8

NYPD and FBI are now treating this incident as a terror attack, suspect is believe to be middle eastern man.


CNN reports: Multiple witnesses told NYPD detectives that the suspect yelled “Allahu Akbar”


Video of  attacker:


Attacker drove for a near 20 blocks on the bike path entering on Houston Street and stopping at Chambers Street.

Update 12

Latest: 8 dead, 12 injured.


Attacker is Sayfullo Saipov a 29-year old  Uzbek national who came to America in 2010.


Sayfullo Saipov at the moment of arrest.


Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, originally from Uzbekistan.


  1. It's time we stopped these senseless terrorist attacks. We need common sense car laws. Speed limits and registration is not enough. We need to confiscate cars from people that haven't run people over to prevent this in the future.

    1. I don't know why they allow automatic transmissions. No reason. F@$% You AAA!

  2. Open Borders rock !

    Liberty !
    Prosperity !

  3. Man, if we could just import more trash like this and let 'Magic Dirt' do the rest.I bet he was almost an American by now.

    Where is Franco and libertardians to defend more idiocy regarding immigration?

    1. Really? That comment? Not a month after some American white guy rains down hate in Vegas? You really think this kind of anti-social behavior is simply explained by which side of a govt's imaginary lines someone grew up on?

    2. Fact: Immigrants commit murder at a lower rate than native-born Americans.


    3. A meaningless "fact" as you must certainly be aware of.

      Give us a racial breakdown of these native born killers.

      This shows how weak your open borders argument is becoming.

    4. The percentages of immigrant crimes vs native born crimes are irrelevant. Take all the murders, rapes, robberies, drug-related crimes (yeah, I know), etc. committed by illegals and ask yourself a question. How many of them would have happened if they hadn't been allowed into the country in the first place? Hint: It's the number that comes before 1.

    5. When not working in high tech jobs, these immigrants are killing the people Americans are too lazy to kill.

    6. @Mister Spock

      Also, no one would die in car crashes if we banned cars.

    7. @Mister Spock Are you saying we should send everyone back to wherever they are from so nobody can commit crimes this side of the imaginary lines? Or maybe just the people from the sides of imaginary lines you don't like?

      Why exactly is prosecuting actual criminals who commit crimes (like this guy in NY) not a reasonable solution? If he's a murderer then treat him like it. If not, then not.

      Why the need to precrime people and impose your cultural biases on everyone? Who cares where someone grew up? If they are pulling their weight and treating people with respect, what exactly is the problem?

      But if you are actually interested in cutting this problem off at the source...
      Uzbekistan military has recieved Special Forces "foreign aid" under NDAA for more than a decade. Similar model our govt used in Afghanistan: train local military to execute our regional priorities. I gotta wonder whose family or friends this guy knew who was destroyed by this Uzbeck WOT (war on terror) money spicket - maybe another tragic civilian drone collateral killing? Not hard to imagine that maybe he acted out of a mix of desperation and civic pride. Still a murderer, but now with a motive that your tax money funded politicians and military created.

      What was the actual objective of WOT operations overseas again? The only product ever (since mid 1990's?) seems to be pushing anti-social, mentally unstable people right over the edge and getting people back at home killed in the process.

    8. OK, you SJWs have convinced me. I foolishly thought my cultural bias against murder and rape was superior to other cultures where it's accepted as normal. What was I thinking? I should have considered that occasionally catching a murderer and deporting them and letting them come back over that imaginary line (I guess it's imaginary even though we all know where it is) to murder again is just as valid a way to deal with them as putting them to death is. ::smacks forehead::

      You guys don't need to reply, as I know you are busy comforting the families of the NY victims by explaining to them that you support illegals killing Americans as long as they keep the percentage of murders below the percentage of murders committed by the locals. Kinda like it's ok for Kevin Spacey to molest kids as long as he doesn't molest a higher percentage than heterosexuals do. (just to be safe, queers molest kids at higher rates than heterosexuals do, contrary to their yelling and screaming that they don't. It wouldn't surprise me that the "fact" that illegals commit crimes at a lower rate is bogus, too. But even if it isn't, see my first response above while you try to justify all the murders, rapes, drunk driving deaths, etc. committed by illegals - they all could have been prevented.)

    9. @Mister Spock,

      I don’t ever remember you being so unhinged when crewing the Enterprise.

      Anyway, it’s a virtual certainty that far more people die due to being marooned in third world hellholes by idiotic and counterproductive immigration restrictions than are killed by immigrants, deaths which are every bit as avoidable. But obviously these people don’t matter because they lacked the good sense to fall out of their mothers’ wombs in the Murican zone of regulatory jurisdiction, amirite?

    10. Nice set of strawmen and red herrings. I thought it was pretty obvious that nobody is justifying all those crimes.

      So..what was your actual argument again?

  4. In the interest of keeping the WOT (tm) "War on Terror" continuing to churn out profits, (Prophets for Profits (tm)), it's handy to have these Islamic clowns acting out. Otherwise, pseudo - terrorists would have to be synthesized from among the many troubled pharmacolized crazies wandering among us. This requires quite a bit of man power from the various FBI offices.
    I'm assuming this bozo is a self made asshole, but I would like to see his phone logs and who he's been hanging with down at the mosque.