Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Alan Dershowitz 'Salty' Jewish Jokes

On October 11, Alan Dershowitz  spoke at UC Berkeley Law. The topic of his speech was "The Liberal Case for Israel."

I'm told by a solid source that Dershowitz was driven to the Berkeley event from San Francisco by a rabbi and a top AIPAC donor. During the entire ride, Dershowitz told what were described as "salty" jokes.

I probed a bit more. What were they racist? Sexist?

But all my source would tell me is that the rabbi and donor laughed so hard that other than the jokes being "salty" Jewish jokes, they didn't remember the specifics of the jokes.

Dershowitz's wife, who is a psychiatrist, accompanied him to the Berkeley event. Outside Berkeley's Booth Auditorium, where the speech was delivered, protesters were handing out flyers.

Dershowitz's wife took one. According to my source, she read it underlined some things and made some notes in the margins. She then gave the flyer to Dershowitz who incorporated the notes into his speech. "It was kind of cute," said my source.


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  1. When I tell jokes about salted jews I get called an antisemite.