Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yvette Felarca Arrested, Again

The feisty Antifa leader Yvette Felarca has been arrested, again. This time in Berkeley.

By Any Means Necessary, the activist group, that she is affiliated with says this is what went down:

[On Tuesday] Yvette Felarca got arrested protesting against an alt-right march at UC-Berkeley. After local neo-fascist punched her several times, the Berkeley PDF arrested HER. She is in jail right now on trumped up charges. WE NEED $2,000 NOW TO BAIL HER OUT. Please give to the page that has been set up for her defense against Sacramento criminal charges. 
In August, she was arraigned in Sacramento on one count of assault, one count of participating in an illegal riot and one count of causing a riot, according to the Sacramento District Attorney’s office, for an earlier in the year protest she attended there.

Felarca is a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District.



Video of Felarca arrest:


  1. Of course the leftists stick to the narrative of "She dindu nuffin."

  2. With all the phones and cameras at these events, someone must have the whole thing on video... while I don't trust the police or government at all, she is one hell of a violent psychopathic liar.

  3. Has importing this person from the Philippines brought us closer to liberty or further away?

    1. Well if she's opposing Trump and the Nazis, I'd say closer

    2. Where are the members of the NSDAP at? That party was dissolved in 1945.

  4. I cant be the only one who thinks the statement "illegal riot" is amusing right? When are riots legal?