Tuesday, September 19, 2017

You Just Know Trump Gave a Horrific UN Speech If This Crazed War Hawk Praises It

I can't think of a worse endorsement.
I really hope there aren't any "Libertarians for Trump" left.

But, hey, if there are, maybe they can get Bolton to sign on.



  1. This guy would go into a church, and then try to sell people on the idea of crucifying the three least popular people in the room, and do it with a straight face.

  2. The group 'Libertarians for North Korea' has only RW as a member.

    1. That would be one more than the membership of "Libertarians for Military Interventionism"

  3. Finding out he was a driving force behind The Gatestone Institute made doubly skeptical of their work.

    Sometimes it's good analysis.

  4. There never was 'Libertarians for Trump', as the phrase is used on this blog. There was an argument by some very eminent libertarians that Trump was preferable to Hilary.

    Then, there is an otherwise good blogger who maintains a strawman of that group and carries on an argument that has become tired, and ultimately, unprovable.

    This blogger also doesn't give sufficient analytical credence to the Hoppean arguments for border restrictions. It's fine to disagree -- many libertarians are on the fence -- but on this subject I have only seen summary pronouncements of the type more common to the left.

    And by the way, I'm a fan, so this isn't a lazy attack. It's meant as constructive feedback.