Saturday, September 16, 2017

Woman Arrested for Vandalizing Wall Street’s Famed Bull Statue

A woman has been arrested  for allegedly vandalizing the famed “Charging Bull” statue that has decorated Wall Street for nearly three decades.

Courtney Fallon, 33, was arrested Friday and charged with two misdemeanors, according to FOX News 8.

The vandalisim was part of a political protest against the Trump Administration’s decision to
withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, according to a statement posted from Draw the Blue Line, an activist movement Fallon founded.

In a statement posted on the @DrawTheBlueLine Twitter handle, Fallon takes credit for the vandalism.

“I also tarred and feathered the sculpture of ‘Charging Bull’ with corn oil and powdered blue chalk which I photographed and captioned, ‘Be bull-headed in the face of climate change denial and demand action now,'” the statement says.

Fallon said in her statement that she “chose the corn oil and chalk specifically because they wouldn’t cause any harm,” hoping it “would therefore not be perceived as an act of vandalism.”

“That was idiotic of me and it is so painfully obvious now,” the statement says. “I define property damage as antithetical to peaceful protest.”


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