Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why the Resignation of the Seattle Mayor Will Boost Kshama Sawant and Her Socialist Political Wing

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced that he will resign after a relative became the fifth man to accuse him of sexual abuse.

Here's what could happen next according to Jason Rantz of KTTH 770:
Now that Murray is set to resign on Wednesday at 5 p.m., Council President Bruce Harrell becomes interim mayor. He has five days to decide if he wants to keep the post, which, according to the City Attorney’s office, means he would have to vacate his council seat. He’s not indicated, as of yet, a willingness to do that. In fact, it seems like he won’t.

So what happens if Harrell says no?
The council will choose another one of its members to serve as mayor until the election.

Oh, hello, Councilmember Sawant. She could be installed as mayor in days. She’s already been a mover and shaker on the council and is more responsible than Murray — or any of the other council — in the successful policy pushes on the minimum wage and secure scheduling. She’s shown that she can lead in a city where ideology seems to matter most.

But perhaps Sawant doesn’t want to give up her power as a council member. In fact, if she stays in her post, she may even grow in power and influence.

Odds are, retiring Councilmember Tim Burgess becomes acting mayor, vacating his seat early....

Whatever happens, there is a high probability that the mayor resigning delivers the Socialist wing of the Progressive movement a lot more power in the city. 
And you wonder why Amazon is looking for a "second" headquarters?


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