Friday, September 29, 2017

What You Need to Know About Catalonia’s Independence Referendum

Catalonia’s independence referendum is due to take place on October 1st, in clear defiance of the Spanish government.

 Like most revolutions, most separatists movements are generally not about liberty but about new forms of interventionist rule---some are better some are worse.

That said, I do like the turmoil of separatist movements that the ruling government has to deal with.

Here is a mainstream report on the Catalonia independence movement. You have to look past the establishment propaganda theme that creeps into the video but the basic facts are reported.



  1. Wenzel.

    I thought you would be more into this type of thing since it fractures a power center into smaller pieces.

  2. It makes me wonder given how hard Spain is doing to counter this movement, do they run the risk of the ETA (Basque separatist and terrorist group) rearming themselves. They only disarmed less than a year ago, one has to think that their leadership is watching this unfold very carefully.