Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What the Extreme Alt-Right Sees for the Future of Currencies

Jason Reza Jorjani,
 Last September, Patrik Hermansson went undercover deep inside the extreme alt-right.

He met up with  Jason Reza Jorjani, a founder, along with the American white nationalist Richard Spencer and others, of the AltRight Corporation.

A report from the New York Times:
Mr. Hermansson and Mr. Jorjani met at an Irish pub near the Empire State Building, where the baby-faced Mr. Jorjani imagined a near future in which, thanks to liberal complacency over the migration crisis, Europe re-embraces fascism: “We will have a Europe, in 2050, where the bank notes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great. And Hitler will be seen like that: like Napoleon, like Alexander, not like some weird monster who is unique in his own category — no, he is just going to be seen as a great European leader.”
There was also a claim they had contacts inside the Trump administration:
More shockingly, Mr. Jorjani bragged about his contacts in the American government. “We had connections in the Trump administration — we were going to do things!” he said at one point. “I had contacts with the Trump administration,” he said at another.
“Our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy group for the Trump administration,” he explained, and the administration figure “who was the interface was Steve Bannon.” Unfortunately, he told Mr. Hermansson, the political establishment was “disconnecting us from the Trump administration, almost completely.
As I have stated before, the alt-right and the lefty Antifa are both bad news. There is no reason for libertarians to support either group.


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  1. Ive said it before and I'll say it again, the altright is nothing but keyboard warriors. On the surface AntiFa has more of a backbone than they do. After every "terrorist" attack they say that this is "the final straw" but after the massive social media screeching what do they do? Nothing. If they tried to actually go into Harlem, Chinatown, Little Havana for example on their own, they would either be killed, arrested or severely injured. Like the left they want coproaches to do their dirty work for them, while at the same time claim that they're "real" men.