Thursday, September 14, 2017

WAR: The Koch Brothers vs. The Mercer Family

The Koch brothers, Robert Mercer is envious
The American Prospect reports:
It’s clear that [billionaire Robert] Mercer has no small amount of envy for the Koch brothers, the billionaire siblings whose will has largely shaped the GOP agenda as the party became ever more dependent on the political infrastructure built by the Kochs and the donor network they have cultivated over the course of decades. No longer insurgents, the Kochs and their political beneficiaries have become part of the GOP establishment. House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose career got a mighty boost from the Koch-founded Americans For Prosperity (AFP), is a case in point. Ryan, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are now tasked with the realities of governing, which often leads them to make decisions that are at odds with the president’s whims. And that makes them, and some of the incumbents they hope to re-elect, the focus of right-wing ire.

Bannon and his patron Mercer, it seems, are willing to take their chances on the possible loss of the GOP’s narrow Senate majority if the gambit places Mercer in the kingmaker’s seat, supplanting the Koch brothers in that role.

The Koch brothers fund the beltarians but that is nowhere near as bad as the pro-war Mercer family funding of the nationalist, in the worst sense of the word, Steve Bannon.

Bannon victories are almost never victories in the direction of liberty,


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