Sunday, September 24, 2017

VIDEO On National Television: Rand Paul Slams 'National Review' as Pro-War, Neocon

At the 9:20 mark.




  1. If the GOP brass don't cut him off at the knees, RP could be the Nominee for 2020. I still think that Tulsi G. could be a supra-partisan running mate.

  2. CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you a question, and you’ve probably heard the speculation in sort of backchannels, but the National Review put it this way about you:

    “There has been widespread speculation that Paul is playing a game on Obamacare: that he does not really wish to see major changes to it and will find libertarian-sounding objections to any Republican bill that has a chance of passage.”

    The implication being, senator, that you don’t really want to change the Kentucky system. There’s a lot of people in Kentucky that like the system. But you can’t get caught ever saying that...

    SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Well, I think what that is is a personal insult to my character and, coming from the pro-war National Review I don’t doubt that they would say that. This is a bunch of neocons who don’t like libertarians, frankly, and, so yes, they don’t like me and so they personally insult me and say, oh, this is all a charade. But I think most people who follow my position would find that, you know, as a physician, there’s not been a more consistent voice for repealing Obamacare. I’ve put forward replacement ideas. Right now, I’m still working with the president on letting people buy across state lines in groups, health care associations, and the president’s assured me that’s coming. By executive action, within the next couple weeks, he believes he can do this, the secretary of labor believes he can do this, I think we have some good news that will get millions of people access to inexpensive insurance. So, no, I keep working on all fronts for free market solutions. But I’m just not for block-granting Obamacare and calling it a day, and say “Oh, well, we’re keeping it. But we’re just going to divvy it up.”

    1. CHUCK TODD:

      So, you think the president was appropriate in criticizing NFL owners for not cutting these players that do this?

      SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY):

      Well, you know, I think that people have the right to protest. And I understand their protest, and actually join some of the things they're unhappy with. I personally stand and say the pledge. And I think that's the better way to do it. And take your complaint in a different venue.


      I understand that. But you didn't address my question about the president.

      SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY):

      Well, if I were president, I probably would not get involved in this. And the thing is, I do think, though, that the NFL makes money off of its fans. And the one thing you could hear from Trump saying that to that crowd is tens of thousands of people, and I think a lot of people across the country don't understand sort of disrespecting the flag or disrespecting the country. Look, see, I can stand up in my state and have real, serious complaints about fighting an unconstitutional war in a foreign land, but at the same time show that I'm very hopeful and patriotic. And I think you can do both at the same time.