Saturday, September 2, 2017

Trump Military Escalation in South China Sea

The Pentagon is planning to conduct more regular patrols in the South China Sea, as many as two to three a month, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Now it is even going to include US military aircraft as well as US Navy warships, the Journal said.

This just further global US provocation. This isn't bringing the troops home it is increased global provocation by the Empire.

Trump is just bad news on everything.



  1. Why so negative all of the time? If Hildebeast won, guns would have been confiscated and pensions stolen as well or in the process. Sites like yours would have been shut down already.

    Yes, Trump sucks on some things, and some of that is thanks to the trash in both parties trying to sabotage anything halfway decent he would like do. I don't agree with tariffs and some of Trump economic ideas, but we did get a decent SC nominee approved, he got us out of the Paris climate stupidity (a big middle finger to Europe), some of the illegals are self deporting (though I know every libertardian thinks unlimited turd world immigration is so wonderful all of the time). The EPA signed a waiver on the gasoline requirements which while small would have never happened under a cunt administration. So far, no cluster fcks from FEMA on hurricane Harvey.

    Now if we can kick out all of the illegal immigrants, most of the legal ones in the last few years, H1' and greencard holders, we could be on our way to something. And build most of that wall to. Too bad the deep state scum would not him let do anything decent in regards to Russia or North Korea.

    1. Why don't you just work to improve yourself so that you're able to compete with immigrants, instead of constantly crying about them, even in topics that have nothing to do with immigration?