Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trump Admin Will Now Collect Social Media Info on Every Immigrant Living in US (Including Residents & Naturalized Citizens)

Trump has zero respect for the individual at his core Trump is a hardcore simple-minded statist. He is dragging the masses in a very wrong direction.

I really hope there are no more libertarians for Trump around.



  1. Normal permanent residents apply for citizenship as fast as they're able to do so because achieving citizenship allows them the added protection from arbitrary state action that the native-born enjoy as a matter of law. The actions the federal government under Trump's watch will apply to naturalized citizens' social media serves to demonstrate that naturalization per se will not be sufficient and that the current administration's standard for who is deserving of the protection of the law stands only on who can show a birth certificate - FOR NOW.

    1. My father is an immigrant from Germany. He did not become a U.S. citizen for well over 40 years. He never could see the benefit. He only decided to do so because of some benefit it conveyed in arranging his estate's financial affairs.

  2. If you like your what was left of your privacy, you get to keep it ...

  3. Dont hold your breath for those "anti-thought control" conservatives to freak out over this