Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Only Wall Being Built: Berkeley Prepares For Ben Shapiro Speech Tonight

Zellerbach Hall, sold out
Neocon, Trump supporter, Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak  at the University of California--Berkeley tonight.

Major protests are expected. Overnight, concrete k-rail barriers were installed around Zellerbach Hall, the location of the speech.
The Hall is sold out.

Earlier this week, the Berkeley City Council lifted an almost two decades city ban on the use of pepper spray by police, in anticipation of problems at the Shapiro speech and speeches later this month scheduled for Milo, Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon.



  1. Just to clarify, Ben Shapiro is not a Donald Trump supporter. I would agree that he is a neocon on foreign policy, but he has been lambasted for being a Never Trumper.

  2. Pretty sure he isn't a Trump supporter. Do some research Wenzel.

    1. LOL, yeah you are correct. He is only a Trump supporter when Trump is militaristic---but that is a small issue.