Friday, September 8, 2017

ROGER STONE: 'CNN boss Jeff Zucker will be out on his ass soon'

Back in July, I wrote at EPJ:
The White House does not support the pending acquisition of TimeWarner by AT&T if CNN, a TimeWarner company, does not fire the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, a source familiar with President Trump’s thinking told The Daily Caller.

The New York Times similarly reported that “White House advisers have discussed” the acquisition as being a “potential point of leverage over their adversary” CNN.

Talk about fascist-style meddling. CNN puts out a lot of nonsense about Russian collusion with Trump and has Deep State connections, both of which should be attacked by the private sector, but for a government to muscle a private corporation like this is a total Banana Republic action.

First, they muscled CNN.

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  1. Au Contraire, The Deep State declared war on Trump a long, long time ago. One of its main mouthpieces is CNN. This is payback.