Friday, September 8, 2017

New York Times Hires Mini-Krugman Feminist to Write a Column

As if I don't have enough entertainment in the Age of Trump.

The New York Times is adding Michelle Goldberg to write a column for the rag.

The Huffington Post informs:
While progressive, Goldberg wouldn’t likely be identified as coming from the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. During the 2016 primary race, Goldberg wrote how the Independent Vermont senator’s politics were “more or less my own,” yet she supported Hillary Clinton.
And then this:
Goldberg described her politics to HuffPost as close to those of Krugman and Blow, though coming from a more feminist framework. She said she understood if some people in the Sanders wing of the progressive movement “continue to feel underrepresented,” yet she described much of her work as being ”in dialogue with people to my left.”
According to HuffPo, Goldberg said she’s interested in arguments found in Jacobin, a socialist-leaning magazine, the growth of the Democratic Socialists of America, and debates on the left over the radical, anti-fascist group known as antifa. 

There you have it, a feminist mini-Krugmam who wants to write about socialists and the antifa.

Thank you, God.

I will never be out of material to post ever again.


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  1. The NYT is a jobs program for all my favorite libertarians.