Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mattis Hints at Secret Military Options for North Korea

Has secret military plan for North Korea?
The U.S. has military options available for North Korea that won’t put South Korea at grave risk of counterattack, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday, but he refused to spell out what those are, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Mattis also said in an impromptu meeting with reporters at the Pentagon that the U.S. isn’t likely to try to shoot down the type of missiles launched so far by North Korea because they haven’t threatened the U.S. or its interests.



CNN reports that the US is considering shooting down North Korean ballistic missiles even if they do not directly threaten the US or its allies.

An official directly familiar with options planning within the Trump administration told CNN the question that now needs to be answered is whether North Korea's missile program has progressed to the level of being such an inherent threat that the Pentagon would recommend targeting a missile even if its trajectory did not indicate it would hit the US or its allies.

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