Saturday, September 9, 2017

KRUGMAN: Rescinding DACA Helps Nobody But Racists

Paul Krugman
Krugman tweets:
and writes:
 Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy is, above all else, immoral. The 800,000 beneficiaries of DACA — the so-called Dreamers — have
done nothing wrong; they came to the United States illegally, but not of their own volition, because they were children at the time.

They are, according to all available data, an exemplary segment of our population: hard-working young people, many seeking to improve themselves through higher education. They’re committed to the values of their home — because America is their home.

To yank the rug out from under the Dreamers — perhaps even to use the information they supplied voluntarily to harass and deport them — is a cruel betrayal. And it’s self-evidently driven by racial hostility. Does anyone believe this would be happening if the typical Dreamer had been born in, say, Norway rather than Mexico?...

[L]etting Dreamers work is all economic upside for the rest of our nation, with no downside unless you have something against people with brown skin and Hispanic surnames. Which is, of course, what this is all really about.
Krugman is absolutely correct in that there is no economic reason to kick out dreamers (SEE:The Problem with Stephen Miller).

It is difficult to argue with Krugie here. He doesn't always rarely applies sound economics but he does so here.



  1. Higher education is hardly a way to improve yourself -- unless turning into a hysterically screeching cry-baby desperately looking for a safe space is "improving yourself."

  2. Funny Krugman brings up Norway, since Hart-Cellar Norwegians and all Europeans are not allowed here which Libertarians (other that Lew and a few others) never seem to complain about.

    Dreamers are still draining health care and education money, so yes there are economic reason to toss them.

    There is nothing wrong with defending your own race and culture.

    1. Banning people from working = "defending your race and culture"?

    2. Re: FormerThinkingPerson,

      ---Dreamers are still draining health care and education money, so yes there are economic reason to toss them.---

      They more than make for that through production. DACA individuals don't simply sit idle.

      Interestingly, Trumpistas and chauvinists such as yourself refuse to use that same argument to advocate for mass sterilization and zero-population policies since new babies ALSO drain education and healthcare and do so through a greater amount of time than immigrants, at least for at least 18 years of the little bloodsuckers' lives.

  3. I say we just dissolve the borders and let in all billion or so people who want to come here.

    1. I agree. Would improve the world tremendously if so many individuals were afforded greater freedom.

    2. Re: Robert What?

      A billion people being here, working and producing even under the current regulatory environment, would really make America and unstoppable economic powerhouse. A billion new Americans would be a billion consumers and producers.

      Economic isolationists such as yourself foolishly hold on to ridiculous economic ideas like the Fixed Pie fallacy, not unlike your fellow travelers on the ignorant left.

    3. If we let in a billion imagine how awesome it will be if they are all Muslim. Sharia law, honor killings, and clitorectomies will make us free.

    4. @ Evan Smiley

      Because a billion people, 98% or so of which would vote for big government Republicans or Democrats, would do so much to create "greater freedom" in the U.S. Most of them probably think the current incarnations of the GOP and Democrats are way too "libertarian" for their tastes. Most of them probably dont take too kindly to limitless 1st amendment rights and they are likely to really frown upon the 2nd amendment, because these things have no traditional roots outside the U.S.. But who cares, right?

      I always love how open borders libertarians conveniently pretend that immigrants would be a boon to libertarianism/individual liberty, rather than to an even more authoritarian type of government, which they are likely used to in their mother countries.

      Sure, open those borders for everyone. Right now, when the U.S. is still a quasi-welfare state and growing even further as such. We feel so good about ourselves while the notion of a government-free society gets totally SQUASHED in so far as it isn't currently already. After all, people from outside America have such rich cultural histories of individual liberty.

      Being against open borders (in the current situation) is not automatically "racist" at all, but it is a convenient ad hominem slur for anyone that likes virtue signaling to stroke their own ego, and is a social justice warrior, including those hiding behind their pseudo-libertarianism while delivering a wonderful new demograph of voting sheep to big government statists.

      @ Francisco Torres
      Because everything is about economics, right? I hate to break this to you, but libertarianism is not the same as capitalism. It is about a whole hell of a lot more than just making MONEY. At least, to other libertarians it is.

    5. @deindividualistinternational

      If everyone is really so suicidally deferential to direct democracy, then we're screwed anyway, and trying to engineer a population that produces good outcomes through voting is simply re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

      I would hope the notion that we need to keep out millions of people simply because they might destroy the country by checking the wrong box every 4 years in a polling booth, would wake people up to how ridiculous and incompatible with freedom democracy is. Even above the economic benefits of mass immigration, that realization might be even more valuable.

    6. Re: deindividualistinternational,

      --- I hate to break this to you, but libertarianism is not the same as capitalism. ---

      It certainly doesn't mean employing government force to impose your will on the peaceful relationship between a national and a foreigner. And what if my motivation is making money? Do you have a personal issue with money?

  4. Everyone seems to see the unfairness to the Dreamers. I see the unfairness to to the lower classes - especially the Black lower classes - who have had their job opportunities utterly erased by the waves of low skilled low wage illegal aliens who have flooded in over the last couple of decades. But we don't give a crap about them, do we?

    1. @Robert What?

      Do you also think it's unfair to Domino's that Papa John's is allowed to operate?

    2. You claimed that competition was unfair. I was just wondering if that's your general belief, or if you only think that it's unfair when non-native laborers are allowed to compete.

    3. I don't recall saying anything about competition. I was pointing out that the "unfairness" aspect of rescinding DACA cuts multiple ways. I'm guessing that you are an open borders person and that corporations should be free to move workers across borders based on who will work the cheapest?

    4. ??? Your post said it was unfair not to deport foreign workers because lower class native workers have to compete with them. How is that not about competition?

      And yes, I believe I freedom of association, so I think corporations should be allowed to hire whomever they damn well please.