Saturday, September 2, 2017

Kim Jung Un Says He Has the H Bomb

During a visit to the country's Nuclear Weapons Institute, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "watched an H-bomb to be loaded into new ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile)," reports the Korean Central News Agency.

  "The H-bomb, the explosive power of which is adjustable from tens kiloton to hundreds kiloton, is a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack according to strategic goals," KCNA reported in English.

There was no independent confirmation of the claims.

Between this North Korean nutjob and Trump, I really wouldn't want to be living in South Korea right now.

Please, please, some body please give the kid a minor league division of the NBA!



  1. He's almost as well-armed as the average small town American police force.

  2. This minor league NBA stuff makes me laugh and I tell ppl about it. I think it's so true.