Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Am Really Getting Sick of Populists

The newest populist "leader" to emerge on the scene is Kid Rock.
He hits all the popular talking points in his performance but gives no indication he appreciates liberty.

He appears to have a central planning mind set where, surprise, he thinks he is the one who knows how to plan things. In other words, an emerging totalitarian.



  1. What a bunch of goldfish lines, spoon fed to a bunch of goldfish brains.

  2. The kicker is how they also complain how the left is doing the same exact damm thing but its somehow different when populists do it! While populism can be either on the left or the right to me it's just socialism wrapped in different packaging.

  3. Hey everybody, I can rhyme. Vote for me, when it's time.

  4. But, but, he prayed to Jesus at the end!