Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hillary Likens Bernie Sanders to the 'Deranged Hitchhiker'

Contents from Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened, are beginning to leak.

The book will not be officially released until next week.

According to Radar Online, we learn that Hillary likes her white wine--and drank plenty of it after the election loss:
According to an excerpt of the former presidential candidate’s upcoming memoir obtained exclusively by Radar, she indulged in a spiritual practice in the weeks and months after the devastating concession — and white wine!

“It wasn’t all yoga and breathing: I also drank my share of chardonnay” ...

“Friends advised me on the power of Xanax and raved about their amazing therapists,” she says. “But that wasn’t for me. Never has been.”
And Fox News informs:
 In the book, the former Democratic presidential nominee compared Sanders to the “deranged hitchhiker” in the 1998 Ben Stiller movie “There’s Something About Mary.”

“A deranged hitchhiker says he’s come up with a brilliant plan,” Clinton wrote, describing a scene in the movie. “Instead of the famous ‘eight-minute abs’ exercise routine, he’s going to market ‘seven minute abs.’ It’s the same, just quicker. Then the driver, played by Ben Stiller, says, ‘Well, why not six-minute abs?’”




  1. I was wondering about what scene from that movie she mentioned. Pretty clever analogy. It sorta gets to the heart of a lot of libertarian arguments against central planning. She's an old school gangster who knows that, to the keep the rackets alive, they can't be taken "too far." If you do, the rackets might get exposed for what they really are.

    1. @Hollow Daze

      It's been one of the weirdest political epiphanies for me over the past couple of years. There's actually some perverse common ground between libertarians and the entrenched political establishment. They want to minimize the populist economic idiocy because it limits the amount of plunder they can extract, while we also want to limit it because we have to live in this world.

      Politics makes such strange bedfellows. It actually sort of reminds me of the arguments HHH makes in Democracy: The God That Failed for why monarchy is less of a threat to libertarianism than is democracy.