Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Georgetown Law Professors Take Knees to Protest Speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Georgetown University Law students and faculty gathered Tuesday on the steps of McDonough Hall to protest an address from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The protesters initially took a knee and later linked arms.

They took turns speaking into a bullhorn, decrying Sessions, the process the university used to bring him to campus and
university used to bring him to campus and posing questions they would have asked the attorney general had they been allowed into the event.

“We, the disinvited, find it extraordinarily hypocritical that AG Sessions would lecture future attorneys about free speech on campus while excluding the wider student body,” third-year law student Ambur Smith said into the bullhorn.

It appeared the group of more than 100, including roughly 40 faculty members, was sending a mixed message some objecting to Sessions being allowed to speak and others objecting to the fact that they would not be allowed to question Sessions.

Some of the protesters who gathered  wore duct tape over their mouths. They held signs that proclaimed, “DEPORT HATE,” FREE SPEECH IS NOT HATE SPEECH,” and “Sessions is afraid of questions.”


(via The Washington Post)

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