Monday, September 18, 2017

Dreamers Disrupt Pelosi Press Conference: "We Want More!"

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Bay Area congressional representatives came together Monday morning to push for the immediate passage of the DREAM Act, but they were quickly shouted down by young immigrants protesting her conversations with President Donald Trump on immigration policy. They want more and weren't afraid to confront officials of the state.

 They walked in shouting, "Undocumented and unafraid, we are the immigrant immigration movement."

Then it got really good.

When Pelosi had a brief moment to talk
she said,"What I interpret from what you are saying is that you do not want us to proceed with the DREAM Act because it is not comprehensive immigration reform. We all are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. We have said to everyone - be very careful, report to us any deportations because they are telling us they are not happening. And wait a minute, wait a minute."

At that point the demonstrators started shouting over her.

Eventually, Pelosi said if they weren't going to listen she was going to walk out and she did that with fellow Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Jared Huffman.

On the sidewalk outside the building, she told ABC7 News they are fighting for comprehensive reform but the first act will be to pass something along the lines of the DREAM Act.
Wow, these are not wimpy beltarians who are afraid to rock even the smallest of boats.

And at this point, they aren't demanding anything but getting the government off their backs.

All libertarians should cheer and learn some lessons on how not to be wimps.


(via ABC 7)


Here is the clip where Pelosi is interrupted when she tries to speak:


  1. The woman and her party who stood by while their president--Barack Obama--became the "Deporter-In-Chief, gets her comeuppance, even if a little.

    The Democrats have been playing a double game with immigrants and immigration. They claim to be for immigrants when, in fact, they're extremely happy with the Byzantine nature of current immigration laws and regulations, nevermind the market demand for labor or basic human rights.

  2. I do find it odd that, even though nearly every hint of perceived racism is seen by most as cause for rooting out and purging the perpetrators of the thought-crime (somewhat understandably given certain events in the nation's past) it still remains perfectly acceptable to persecute people simply because they happened to have been born on the wrong side of an imaginary, government-decreed line.

    I guess some flavors of prejudice just die more slowly than others.

  3. Who cares what the hard working American taxpayers want? It's only important what the illegal aliens want.

    1. Taxpayers and Voters are not important as it has been consistently been shown for decades that no matter who the put at the top of the oligarchy the puppet masters will follow their own agenda. Illegal non-citizen residents are a tool for loading the deck in the favor of the socialist facists. That is why I take issue as immigration contributes to idiocracy and makes a mockery of the vision of a constitutional republic.

      The system wants to swell the ranks of the ideocrats! Fine. But dont bitch about it when you cant control it any longer and becomes a monster you dont want to deal with. Ask Europe how their experiment is going.

  4. These POS's need to be kicked out of the country effective immediately along with every illegal immigrant. American citizens first.