Monday, September 11, 2017

DAMORE: A Lot of Libertarians at Google

 James Damore, the fired Google memo writer, said last Wednesday during an interview with Joe Rogan:
DAMORE: A lot of people have been doing this. There’s some underground efforts within Google to at least document some of this, because while the [underground operators] may not be the majority, they’re sort of a silent coalition within Google that’s sort of upset about a lot of this.

ROGAN: That’s interesting. So there are some conservative people that work at Google.

DAMORE: Yes. There’s definitely more than zero.

ROGAN: More than zero. Is it like 20%?

DAMORE: It may be [20%], or even lower. I think there are a lot of libertarians [at Google], so that would be the main counter to the extreme left … the main retributions against people are the social conservatives, and they feel completely alienated. So it’s really unfortunate for them.


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