Thursday, September 14, 2017

CIA to Release Huge Cache of Classified Osama Bin Laden Files

A trove of al-Qaeda documents seized by US commandos in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden is to be released to the public - with the exception of his pornography stash.

CIA director Mike Pompeo said the wide-ranging cache of files retrieved by Navy Seals from the late al-Qaeda chief's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, would be declassified within weeks.
Millions of electronic and paper documents seized contain family letters, papers on Islamic history, books, and notes about al-Qaeda's operations.

They also includes an extensive collection of modern pornography videos, according to US officials.
The government has previously released hundreds of files seized from the compound, including letters that revealed bin Laden's fear of surveillance and obsession with attacking the West.

"Once we are sure that there’s not classified material and that there’s not things that we can’t release, I want to make sure the world gets to see them so that we can have lots of hands touching them and making good judgments about how to make sure that we don’t have a 9/11, that we don’t have this kind of risk again," Pompeo told FOX News.

"There’s some pornography, there’s some copyrighted material. Everything other than those items will be released in the weeks ahead."

(via The Independent)


  1. Didn't they say there was no internet connection at the house? so where did this 'pornography collection' come from? seems fishy if you ask me.

  2. Gary North's connection to Bin Laden...

  3. Pompeo wants to "make sure we don't have this kind of risk again." How about paying attention to the stated reasons by the terrorists. How about the intelligent alphabet soup pay attention to the unusual activities leading up to 9/11.

  4. BTW, it wasn't porn as such. It was USDA instructional videos regarding "goat husbandry".

  5. Fake BS. He died in 2001. Wake up dummies