Monday, September 18, 2017

Charles Murray: Milo 'is a Despicable Asshole.'

 Milo Yiannopoulos has released a list of speakers that are scheduled to appear at his "Free Speech Week" later this month at the University of California at Berkeley.

On the list is Bell Curve author Charles Murray. but there is one thing.

"The inclusion of my name in the list of speakers was done without my knowledge or permission," Murray wrote in an email to The Chronicle of Higher Education. "I will add that I would never under any circumstances appear at an event that included Milo Yiannopoulos."

Asked why he wouldn’t appear with him, Murray said:
"Because he is a despicable asshole."

An email account run by Yiannopoulos’s camp responded to a request for comment by The Chronicle by saying he understood there had been some errors with some speakers, but added: "Our headliners are locked and loaded however. Any mix-ups will be rectified by Monday."

 The event is scheduled for September 24 to 27.

The author Michael Malice, said on his Twitter feed that he would not attend the event. He is listed on The Daily Californian’s website as one of the slated speakers, but not on the Berkeley Free Speech Week website.



  1. Not a huge fan of Murray's but good to see he's not lending his credibility to this event.

    As I mentioned, I was surprised to see Malice on the list to begin with. I could see him doing it just to troll the left, but I also feel like, unlike many of the other speakers, he'd deal a little more seriously with the topic of free speech, rather than simply exercising it.

  2. Boomer conservatives don't have the balls to stand for free speech under the pressure. Is anyone surprised?