Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BREAKING Rick Pitino Fired by Louisville in Wake of Federal Corruption Case

All athletes, but they are mostly black athletes, are screwed by the government protected NCAA.

The NCAA makes it illegal for colleges to pay athletes, when in some cases the colleges rake in hundreds of millions of dollars because of the performance of those athletes.

Naturally, under these circumstances, a black market of sorts emerges to get some of the funds to these athletes.

The FBI, as part of the establishment, has
just cracked down on this black market---for the benefit of the crony, establishment NCAA.

The crackdown just cost Rick Pinto his job as head coach of the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball team.

Here is the convoluted reason Pitino got fired, via the Washington Post:
[A]n executive from Adidas, which outfits the Cardinals athletic teams, and others conspired to steer top recruits to Louisville via six-figure payments to their families, in one instance enlisting the aid of one of Pitino’s assistants.
Pitino coached for 16 seasons, which resulted in three Final Four appearances and one national championship at Louisville.

But being in charge when some black kids are getting money funneled to their families while they generate multi-millions for the university gets Pitino fired.

If Black Lives Matter understood crony protectionism enforced by the government (and the FBI in particular), they would be all over this.




  1. Why would they want to understand or why should it be assumed they don't?
    One of libertarianism's biggest problems is that people want to hang on to their myths. Even if those myths are harmful to them. Even though they know deep down they are myths. I would not doubt that much of the BLM crowd understands the reality of college basketball or at least has somewhat of a grasp of it. But this like many of the myths people think serve them or fear its collapse will bring about something worse so most everyone keeps pretending and attacking anyone who does not.

  2. Well his kid is head coach at the University of Minnesota, he should be able to land an assistant job.