Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bill Kristol: Trump Sounded More Normal, Like George W. Bush

This has to be painful for Trump supporters.

Super neocon by birth, Bill Kristol, told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC earlier this afternoon that President Trump’s U.N. speech was “more normal” than he would have expected.

He said it “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me” and that “for all of Donald Trump’s America First talk and repudiation of the Bush-McCain-Romney foreign policy,” it came across as “more standard,” even with the “Trumpian aspects.”

Kristol added that this may be due to the influence of foreign policy advisors and others in the President’s circle:

“The people around Trump have gotten more of a grip on Trump, I think, in foreign policy, than I would have expected… This is a more normal speech by an American president than I might have thought three, four months ago.”


(via Mediaite)

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